GO Management LLC | Real Estate Management

Administrative Services:
- Attendance at meetings of the Board of Trustees and the annual meeting of unit owners
- Maintenance and distribution of the meeting minutes
- Distribution of annual unit owners meeting package including notice of meeting, proxy forms, agenda, and voting procedure forms
- Preparation and distribution of Owner/Tenant information and notices
- Enforcement of Condominium Rules and Regulations
- Preparation of required 6D certificate when an Owner sells his/her Unit
- Maintenance of copies of all records and correspondence

Financial Services:
- Collect all common area fees, special assessment fees, late fees, and fines
- Provide each Owner with a coupon booklet for convenient payment of fees
- Maintain computerized account history for each Owner
- Establish a separate bank account for the Condominium Association’s funds
- Establish a special high–yield account for the reserve account
- Prepare a monthly and year-end Revenue and Expenditure sheet and coordinate with Condominium's accountant for annual audit and tax return
- Prepare an Operating Budget for the new year
- Review and pay invoices for services and supplies with a one–write check writing system
- Balance bank statement and reconcile checks
- Keep record of overdue condo fees and send late notices. Action will be taken in accordance with the Trust’s bylaws

Building Maintenance
- Provide the building with 24–hour response and service for all emergencies
- Provide and supervise all maintenance work for all common areas by electricians, plumbers, HVAC, carpenters, etc…
- Provide and supervise all janitorial personnel for common area cleaning and ground maintenance
- Survey the building and prepare a budget for replacement of the major systems and structures in the building
- Advise the Trustees of maintenance and/or necessary repairs for the fire alarm systems and the elevators
- Solicit bids for non-recurring expenditures over $500.00 and schedule approved work
- Prepare a preventive maintenance program in order in order to minimize costly emergencies