GO Management LLC | Real Estate Management

- Rent vacant apartments
- Check credit for rental applicants
- Prepare new leases
- Extend leases
- Make changes in leases
- Communicate with tenants
- Commence eviction when necessary

- Make arrangements to maintain the building, including all heating, electrical, plumbing and carpentry repairs
- Provide cleaning for the common areas and the grounds
- Replace light bulbs in common areas
- Provide snow removal
- Provide landscaping services
- Respond to tenantsí complaints including 24 hour emergency service

Capital Projects:
- Prepare specifications for major projects such as new boiler or new roof
- Obtain bids when requested by owner for major projects
- Assist the owner in selecting contractors for major projects
- Coordinate the work through completion
- As the owner you are welcome to be as involved as you wish in making decisions.

Financial Services:
- Full Bookkeeping services
- Collect Rents
- Pay bills
- Maintain computerized account history
- Prepare monthly profit and loss statement
- Establish a separate bank account